A first concert experience at six weeks old, Joni Mitchell at Red Rocks : Times perched upon my mother’s lap, my small hands atop hers, running a spindle of soft wool back and forth across her loom : The only child playing hide and go seek at a recording studio as my father strummed his guitar : A college application essay about a Georgia O’Keeffe painting of a torso bone : A thesis paper five years later about that same artist’s depiction of views “above the clouds” from an airplane window and her interpretations of the wilds of New Mexico from her Model T : A first job producing international art fairs in Manhattan : Later years navigating dusty studios and climbing scaffoldings, acquiring and commissioning art on behalf of corporate clients : Service on cultural boards ensuring that others in my community have access to creative experiences…
These are just some of the factors that make my surrender to the stirrings within to create my own body of work feel somewhat inevitable. My pieces are inspired by historical canon as well as key contemporaries – artists, poets, makers, thinkers, creators, doers. I draw from everyday interactions, inspiring current events, infuriating current events, love, loss, joy, insomnia, furry creatures, mountain adventures and the kairos of life.
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